GSoC Progress Report : Week 2 and 3

I haven’t updated my blog in a while. A quick summary of what I have done till now follows. I have created another class called ConstArtComponent. This will be a child of SkyComponent. This class will manage all different sky cultures, by maintaining a QList<ConstellationsArt> for different sky cultures. I will have to write a drawConstArt() function in skypainter.h and then maybe call it from ConstArtComponent. I am working on this function. I am studying how deep sky objects are drawn in KStars, and drawing some parallels between deep sky objects and constellations. Lastly, here is a screenshot of KStars reading my constellationsart.txt file successfully. Please note that this is an old screenshot, and that a lot of code has been changed after it was taken. But nonetheless, the KSFileReader method to read files in KStars remains the same. More to follow in the next post, and I hope to get the skeleton of the project ready by the midterm exams!

KStars file reading