GSoC Midterm Update

So Google Summer of Code midterms are here. I want to thank my mentor, Jasem, for helping me out. I am now able to successfully display one constellation image, that is the Andromeda constellation. Currently, the image is displayed, but a lot of work needs to be done on positioning the image, and rotating the image on the sky map. Here is a brief summary of the changes I made.

I implemented an abstract function in SkyPainter called virtual bool drawConstellationArtImage(ConstellationsArt *obj, bool drawConstellationImage) and then implemented it as an empty function in SkyGLPainter. The function is implemented in SkyQPainter. Now, in skymapcomposite.cpp, the class ConstellationArtComponent is added via the addComponent() method. And the draw function is called like m_ConstellationArt->draw(skyp). This draw function then calls the drawConstellationArtImage() function I described above. Lastly I have edited data/CMakeLists.txt to include skycultures.sqlite, and all the constellation images. Presently the file skycultures.sqlite includes only one record, that is for the Andromeda constellation. Here is a screen shot of the same.
Here’s the plan for the next few days. Get the button to toggle constellation art off/on working, and position/rotate/scale the image appropriately for Andromeda. Once that is done, make all constellations appear in the sky. Here there would be 85 of them, instead of 88, because I have the image file for Argonavis, which was later on divided into Carina, Puppis and Vela. More to come soon!